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Wave To Markets Academy

We provide comprehensive training that teaches you to understand the mechanisms of the financial markets, and how they relate to the real economy. We offer a tailored solution to accompany you on the path to profitability. Discover our fundamental economic expertise and our technical analysis every day. Since each trader is different, we must offer a personalized follow-up appropriate to the skills of each.

Our goal is to allow you power to win sustainably. Your capital, very subject to risk on the financial markets, should not be risked lightly. We provide professional high-yield trading signals to allow growth in your capital while you learn.


Learn to maintain psychological strength in order to manage holds on your positions.

Professional tools

Utilize professional trading room tools and techniques

Money management

Thanks to our expertise you will be profitable within a few weeks


Meet promising investors and build your network


The training is distributed in the form of subscriptions, which give you access to various training modules.


We have maintained a community of investors and traders from all walks of life for over 3 years. The Members’ Chat is the ideal place to discuss daily trading events, or to meet your partners of tomorrow.


Access to our exclusive content within the following Telegram groups: Training, Scalping workshop, Pivot Points, B&G Invest Chat.

Webinar conferences

Attend our web conferences on Zoom, live every Sunday with unlimited Replay on your personal space. During these conferences, we train you in technical analysis and psychology, necessary for you to comfortably hold your positions. We adapt the content of our lectures every week based on the actual performance of student traders at the academy. The trades performed on Wave To Markets are therefore analyzed by our teams and deconstructed during our conferences.

Our professional traders are at your disposal to help you overcome any conflicts, freely contact them on the chat or in private.